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Managing Business Process Documentation

Notes: Channels and the next item, Customer Relationships, define your interface with the Customer. OR framework attention-interest-desire-action-onboarding-retention and storyboarding your way through it. Another consideration is whether your channels will give you enough visibility into the user, including, for example, a way to follow up with users.

Traction Thinking (Chapter 2)

Not sure? How does the customer interact with you through the sales and product lifecycle? Do they have a dedicated personal contact they see? Is all the interaction over the web? Do they never see you at all but instead talk to a Channel? A few litmus test questions you may want to ask yourself at this point: — Can the Value Proposition be delivered to the Customer this way? All the way through from promotion, to sale, to post-sale service? Output : a description of Customer Relationships, with notes if they differ across Customers between Segments or among Personas within a Segment or across the customer journey.

Also, the focal items are in a kind of specific order- you should validate your Segments and their relationship to the Propositions above all else. You can subsequently test the Customer Relationship models. If you have an existing business, this will be self-evident.

Peter Thiel Lyrics

At this point, you should map Segments to Propositions to Revenue Streams. Output : a list of Revenue Streams, linked mutually to Personas or Segments if the mappings are the same within a set of Personas and Value Propositions.

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Are you charging on value? Perceived value? They say everyone loves their banker; hates their lawyer. Why is that? Is there an actionable analog in your business? Congratulations on making it halfway!

These are the crucial things the business needs to do to deliver on its propositions and make the rest of the business work- for example, if selling through 3 rd parties is part of the model, then activity around channel management is probably pretty important. For a product-driven business, this probably includes ongoing learning about users and new techniques to build better product. For an infrastructure business ex: electric utility , it probably includes keeping the infrastructure working reliably and making it more efficient. Key resources are the strategic assets you need in place, and you need in place to a greater or more targeted degree than your competitors.

The Business Model Canvas proposes that there are three core business types: product, scope, and infrastructure. These tend to have similar types of Key Resources.


The following diagram describes how Key Activities drive the accrual of Key Resources:. Notes : Product-driven businesses have a differentiated product of some sort. Rovio, the company that makes the popular app Angry Birds, is such a company. Key Resources in product-driven businesses are typically key talent in critical areas of expertise and accumulated intellectual property related to their offering. Scope-driven businesses create some synergy around a particular Customer Segment.

For example, if you started a business that would take care of all the IT needs for law firms, that would be a scope-driven business. These businesses typically have key knowledge about their segment, a repeatable set of processes, and sometimes infrastructure, like service centers. Infrastructure-driven businesses achieve economies of scale in a specific, highly repeatable area.

Few times in history have more ambiguous words been spoken.

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  8. There is elegance in simplicity, but perhaps this definition leaves you wanting more. Take for example the Pet Owners market.

    The Tech Startup That Tells Businesses What Their Customers Are Really Thinking

    So what if Petco wanted to sell something to me? So, is business development actually sales? Well, frankly, yes. But not everyone is a natural customer for your business. He has killed Jonas Wilkerson and a black man. Ashley, who accompanied Tony on his revenge mission, advised him to seek help from Scarlett and Frank. Tony leaves, and Scarlett reflects that the South has become a dangerous place.

    What, Exactly, Is Business Development?

    She begins to fear losing everything to the powerful Yankee government and freed slaves, and she pins all her hopes for safety on making money. She tells Frank that she is pregnant.

    The Israeli Way of Doing Business

    While Frank glows with pride and relief, Scarlett thinks of the Ku Klux Klan, a newly formed organization supposedly intended to protect whites against violent blacks. She feels grateful that Frank is not in the Klan because the government in the North has been gearing up to crush the organization. Scarlett searches for the right man to run the mill while the birth and the baby occupy her. To the horror of old Atlanta, she also begins doing business with the Yankees, although she hates them.

    She shakes with anger when three Yankee women declare in front of Uncle Peter that blacks are untrustworthy.