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Having first risen to popularity during the s, crystal healing has made a resurgence in recent years,with the likes of Cara Delevingne, Lena Dunham and Adele raving about their calming, fortune bringing and healing properties. In search for answers, we spoke to Devi Brown, founder of wellness brand Karma Bliss to find the truth behind the crystals. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra. Crystal healing is a term that applies to a certain type of therapy which involves placing gem stones on your body or in nearby places to help draw out negative energy.

Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years. They're a tool which work with your energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies.

People put crystals in interesting places but I like to keep them in a bag, which I'll put in my handbag or pocket, but they also work well when tucked around the house, depending on what they do. Another great place to put crystals is on your nightstand because you can feel their energy while you sleep or behind your computer at work.

What Are Healing Crystals And How Should You Use Them?

It's best to keep them in spots where you're around them for a substantial amount of the day. Sounds weird, but trust us, it's a thing. There are hundreds of crystals which all have unique properties that can be used for different things. In terms of a starter bag, I suggest the following:.

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The energy of a crystal does vary depending on its size, but you can absorb energy no matter how big or small the crystal is. Basically, the bigger the crystal, the more properties of energy it wields. I've seen crystals which are as tall as me and I'm 5ft 8. You can be floored by the amount of energy they give you. If there's something you need in life that you're not addressing, you might find a crystal pops up for you.

When I'm looking for crystals I like to take a moment to close my eyes, hold them in my hand and see which feels right. For example, if I held my hands out and put five crystals on top and focused, I would feel the difference of one or two and they'd stand out to me. That would be a sign to me that those are the crystals I should grab. How about a giant Rose Quartz point for those tough days?

This makes rose quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. As a variety of quartz, rose quartz has high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation. This stone of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

The high energy of quartz gives rose quartz the property of enhancing love in virtually any situation.

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Bringing love in to life and daily situations not only brings inner warmth, but it also lowers stress and soothes those around it. Rose quartz is a very happy and loving stone. In the psychic and spiritual realms, rose quartz is often used to attract love, for love spells and charms. It is also used to ease the process of transition in dying to make the transition gentle and surrounded by the unconditional love of the Divine.

Rose quartz can also be helpful for dream recall and dream work. Rose quartz is used to raise self-esteem and a strong sense of self-worth. Its loving energies teach us to apply this love to ourselves and thereby find ourselves more worthy. No, they all work in perfect harmony because they're an extension of nature's innate balance.


However, I would be careful — if there's something particular you want to work on in your life, crystals do have the potential to make a lot happen at the same time which can get overwhelming. At different moments in life, we're all looking for different things so it's good to switch stones out of your bag or work spaces once a month or twice a year, depending on what you think you want more of. At the moment I feel like I've harnessed my intuition and spontaneous luck so I'm grabbing a lot more stones that prepare me for opportunities I haven't even thought of opening myself up to.

ELLE Top Tip : Don't worry if you lose a crystal, according to crystal healer Emma Lucy Knowles each stone has their own spirit so when you lose one it means you no longer need it.


When you have a crystal, the best thing to do is to set an intention on them. Hold them in your hand and visualise a white light going through them.

The next stage is to set an intention on the crystal. For example, if I had a piece of citrine the stone of success I would think 'In this moment I'm hoping to enhance my career and have more beautiful opportunities open up to me in the work place'. My intention would then be implanted on the stone. You can set an intention on any stone but I always recommend people to pop them in the sun for a few hours to recharged them by the sun's energy.

Alternatively, place them in a salt bath to clean off any bad energies that they might have picked up over time. You'll then need to reset your intention on the stones. The most important part of crystal healing is to keep the stones close by. Just by existing they're heightening your energy. You can also mediate with them by hold them in your hand. ELLE Top Tip: Emma Lucy Knowles advises using a pointed rose quartz crystal together with rose oil to massage temples to help relieve headaches, stress and eczema. A post shared by our satellite hearts oursatellitehearts on Jun 20, at am PDT.

How to "Start" Your Spiritual Journey + My Experience

Humility Matters makes the claims that humility is for a disciple of Jesus Christ what enlightenment is for a Buddhist, realization for a Hindu, surrender for a Muslim, and righteousness for a Jew. It is the unmistakable character of one who has accepted the vocation to undertake the spiritual journey. It is at the core of our experience of life Humility Matters makes the claims that humility is for a disciple of Jesus Christ what After fifty years of monastic life, prayer, and spiritual direction, Meg Funk knows what it means to listen with the ear of one's heart to the Holy Spirit.

In Discernment Matters , she shares what she has learned.

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This book is a resource for those who want to learn and practice discernment as taught by the early monastic tradition. It includes an After fifty years of monastic life, prayer, and spiritual direction, Meg Funk knows what it means to Cassian taught that real intimacy with God in prayer demands renouncing one's former way of life, the thoughts belonging to that former way of life, and one's very idea of God.

In Thoughts Matter , Mary Margaret Funk focuses on the second of these: renouncing the thoughts belonging to one's former way of life. Her eight chapters focus on different Cassian taught that real intimacy with God in prayer demands renouncing one's former way of life, Lectio divina is a way of praying by sustained immersion into a revelatory text. While Scripture is the classic place of encounter with God, the text could also be the book of life or the book of nature.

In Lectio Matters , respected spiritual guide Meg Funk accompanies the reader in exploring the various levels of lectio divina as taught by the While Scripture is How can we tend the garden of our souls? Meg Funk turns to the wisdom of the desert fathers for the means of removing obstacles to spiritual growth, which include thoughts of food, sex, possessions, anger, dejection, and pride, among other preoccupations. Redirecting thought away from such weeds in the garden of the spirit can lead to a greater Meg Funk turns to the wisdom of the desert fathers for the