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Show all 14 episodes. TV Series Himself - aus Bremen Himself - Winner. Himself - Narrator. Show all 7 episodes. Documentary short Narrator. DeMille Award Recipient. Quote Reader voice. Narrator voice. Show all 33 episodes. Himself uncredited. Another Night Video short Clients. Han Solo. Allie Fox. TV Movie documentary Himself. Jock Goddard. Dick Rick Deckard. Indiana Jones. At about four, we met a preacher, who was just come from Cleveland.

He asked us if we were making our escape,--we told him "No. He then described a house which was on our way, where, he said, we might mention our meeting him, and we would find friends who would put us on board a boat. We hid until dark,--then we went to the house, which we recognized readily from the preacher's description. We knocked at the door, and were invited in. My cousin told them what the minister had said. The man of the house hid us in his barn two nights and three days.

He was a shoemaker. The next night after we got there, he went to Cleveland himself to get a berth for us aboard some boat for Canada. When he returned, he said he had found a passage for us with Capt. At that hour we embarked, having a free passage in a schooner for Buffalo.

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On board this boat, we met with an Englishman whom we had often seen on a steamboat at the plantation. He knew us, and told us a reward of one hundred dollars Page 28 was offered for each of us, and he showed us several handbills to that effect.

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He said they had been given him to put up along the road, but he had preferred to keep them in his pocket. We reached Buffalo at 4, P. The captain said, that if there was any danger in the town, he would take us in his yawl and put us across. He walked through the town to see if there were any bills up. Finding no danger, he took us out of the hatchway,--he walked with us as far as Black Rock Ferry, giving us good advice all the way, how we should conduct ourselves through life in Canada, and we have never departed from his directions,--his counsel was good, and I have kept it.

I am now buying this place.

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My family are with me,--we live well, and enjoy ourselves. I worship in the Methodist church. What religious instruction I received on plantation, was from my mother. I look upon slavery as the most disgusting system a man can live under. I would not be a slave again, except that I could not put an end to my own existence, through fear of the punishment of the future. Men who have never seen or felt slavery cannot realize it for the thing it is.

The Life of John Thompson, a Fugitive Slave

If those who say that fugitives had better go back, were to go to the South and see slavery, they would never wish any slave to go back. I have seen separations by sales, of husbands from wives, of parents from children,--if a man threatens to run away, he is sure to be sold. Ben's mother was sold down South--to New Orleans--when he was about twenty years old. I look upon slavery as I do upon a deadly poison. The slaves are not contented nor happy in their lot. Neither on the farm where I was in Virginia, nor in the neighborhood were the slaves satisfied.