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Learn how to read digital books for free. Media The Dinosaur Ghost Question. I wonder what its ears looked like, or why were its eyes on the sides of its head? Teachers and older students can use The Dino Database to learn how to pronounce dinosaur names and how they are grouped. Design activities or assignments that draw attention to details such as type of teeth, shape of feet, and fossil evidence for behavior such as living in herds or nest building.

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This directs their thinking to how the shape of the dinosaur and fossil evidence gives clues to how they may have lived. Children reveal their understanding in their imaginative play. While learning about dinosaurs students can learn about the nature of science—how, with further study and new technology, new discoveries are made changing what we know about dinosaurs. Here are some resources that will be of interest to you and your students.

What Was The Deadliest Dinosaur? - Jurassic World presents COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

Construct a diorama based on research—picture research or text reading. Provide shoeboxes, small, accurate models of dinosaurs, plasticine clay to anchor the dinosaurs and paper to draw pictures of the appropriate habitat including food source.

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Hint: trioramas can be made with a single sheet of paper if you do not have easy access to shoeboxes. See www. Write a poem about a physical characteristic of the chosen dinosaur explaining how the body part functioned to help the dinosaur species survive. Students could be asked to explain their answer and give an example of a dinosaur that shows that body shape.

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Have a good time using dinosaurs as the topic for learning about how animal bodies are shaped to perform a particular function, Peggy. For more on how we know what dinosaurs may have looked like, see the very interesting article by Sid Perkins illustrations by Julius T. According to Schweitzer's analysis, it was these parts that resisted decay for the longest, showing that iron can enhance preservation in modern animals, specifically extant dinosaurs.

In both T.

Chemical ghosts of dinosaurs may help reveal new secrets

This provides more evidence that these are actually the exceptional remains of soft tissues, and not some contaminant. Only a decade ago, this hypothesis would have been laughed at by fellow scientists. While many still remain unconvinced, there is growing evidence that molecular tissues may actually have been preserved. Now the question is: how much have palaeontologists missed by not considering these potentially high levels of preservation in dinosaurs? And how much is there that is still left to be found at such levels of detail?

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Cleland, Mark B. Marcus, and Sirine C. B January 22, ; DOI: