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This is when Kai decides that Serena will be the sacrifice for Beverly's allegiance. She later flirts with her boss Bob , who offers her to spend a weekend with him at his cabin. Before they can make sexual advances at each other, Beverly interrupts them. Bob speaks rudely to Beverly and leaves.

Serena then threatens Beverly. She states that she is striving to be on The Today Show one day, and will sleep with whoever she has to in order to get there.

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The next day, Serena and her cameraman Cole film a pre-recorded segment for an annual Puppy Adoption event. She berates the cameraman and complains about having to hold a puppy. As she films her segment with the puppy, some Clowns approach her and she turns around. Serena thinks that the Clowns are part of the event so she jokingly asks the female Clown a question. Was her outburst out of line? According to her critics, Williams behaved badly and her fate was self-inflicted; according to her fans, she was unfairly targeted by a sexist, egotistical man.

Tennis is a strange sport that can be difficult to follow, due to its scoring structure and the way points are called. But its code of conduct and the violations and penalties that were imposed on Williams at the US Open are distinct and clear. These rules cover a range of situations, from instructing players to give their opponent the benefit of the doubt on difficult calls at the junior level, players call their own lines and whether balls are in or out to how to handle lateness or a game delay. Rules governing acceptable on-court behavior are taught at all levels, starting at an early age.

And at the Grand Slam level, the International Tennis Federation implements a code of conduct and point penalty system that governs how violations of unsportsmanlike conduct are doled out:. The Point Penalty Schedule to be used for violations set forth above is as follows: First offence: Warning Second offence: Point penalty Third and each subsequent offence: Game penalty. The rule is rarely enforced, and players rarely receive code violations for it. After the verbal warning for coaching, Williams was actually ahead in the second set, at three games to one.

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But then she played a poor game and lost, narrowing her lead over Osaka to She smashed her racket on the ground, and Ramos issued his first official penalty against her, by docking her a point in the next game. She also called him a thief as seen in the highlights video above.

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Then Williams once again confronted Ramos for the point penalty. You will never be on a court of mine as long as you live. When are you going to give me my apology? This is when Ramos issued his second official penalty against Williams, for abusing an umpire or official.

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He awarded a game to Osaka, and the score became , with Williams serving to stay in the match. Williams ultimately lost the next game — and thus the set — and Osaka won the match. However, one might argue that the fines pale in comparison to her in-game penalties of losing a point and then a game — major punishments in any professional match, let alone a Grand Slam final. Both during the match and after her loss, Williams argued that the penalties issued against her were the result of Ramos having a sexist attitude toward her. At the end of his tantrum, Isner completely destroyed his racket.

He was only assessed a verbal warning for this code violation, and it was considered his first offense. We have to treat each other fairly and the same. James Blake, a former professional American tennis player who was ranked as high as No. I will admit I have said worse and not gotten penalized. He should have at least given her that courtesy. Sad to mar a well played final that way.

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Granted, some of this could be blamed on inconsistent rule-enforcing from umpire to umpire. But the penalties he doles out should be consistent. For example, at Wimbledon earlier this year, Ramos issued a verbal warning to Djokovic for unsportsmanlike conduct, and it resulted in Djokovic complaining, like Williams did. Everything seemed to be normal. What could they possibly find in their searches?

The boys and girls began searching through the pebbles to pick out any bits of trash they could find. Everyone else thought it was just another rock. That is where they were wrong. Upon closer inspection, they realized what he had found. Was that a lense? The faint markings of a name brand? After all, how had it found itself washed up on the beach? What the boy had really just found was a camera!

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So how had it ended up on the beach? The gadget was covered in barnacles which told the class that it had been in the sea for a long time. There was no way it would ever work, let alone give any clues as to where it came from. Park Lee, the teacher in charge of the cleanup, decided to put it aside until they chose what to do. Allison Illuminated - Stories: If you have a story you want submitted or if you want to become a staff member, PM me. All Updated within 24 hours Updated within 1 week Updated within 1 month Updated within 6 months Updated within 1 Year - Published within 24 hours Published within 1 week Published within 1 month Published within 6 months Published within 1 Year Genre: A Pokemon Thanksgiving by A dreamer named Seiji reviews Ash and Serena have returned home from their quest in Alola to Ash's home of pallet town to celebrate thanksgiving, a time honored tradition even in the world of pokemon.

Ash, Serena, Ash's mom Delia and several of Ash's friends join together to enjoy the holiday together. Meanwhile, in the jungles far to the south, disturbances in the aura are being felt. How will Ash live his new life as a Lucario? Rated T for teen. Basically his thoughts after parting with Serena.

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  8. Rated K because it doesn't have anything that would warrant more. He was still everything I wished to be. Strong, brave, unafraid of the unknown. Ohanian shared a cuddly pic with Alexis Olympia.

    Serena Williams’s US Open fight with umpire Carlos Ramos, explained

    A Pokemon Thanksgiving by A dreamer named Seiji reviews Ash and Serena have returned home from their quest in Alola to Ash's home of pallet town to celebrate thanksgiving, a time honored tradition even in the world of pokemon. Could you bear to part with your precious camera, or would you do anything to get it back? For the first time in two years, she was about to find out what happened to her camera on that memorable diving trip…. Restaurant workers have to deal with a lot in their jobs. They were at the bottom of the sea with no place to go but up.

    Any Color You Like by johnny3gud reviews Serena always thought that winning Ash's heart would be the hard part. As their relationship begins, she discovers just how wrong she was, and she learns that her greatest enemy is someone she never would have expected. Sequel to The Camera Eye.