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Sulha Bharani-Sambalpuri bhajan....

At our first gathering, we had adults and 15 children. We continued in at Chan Amirei Hagalil, with the celebration of the "Kidush Halevanah" moon sanctification with adults and 75 children. We invited the silent peace walkers of Shvil Hazahav Middleway to join us. The Bereaved Families' Forum was invited as a core partner to our gatherings, and they participated in every one of our activities since.

We also hosted Palestinians and 40 Jordanians within our midst.. In we started the Sulhita Youth Project, including our newly developed Palestinian relationships and held our fifth annual On the Way to Sulha gathering in Park Mekorot Hayarkon, Petach Tikvah with 6, adults and children in the midst of the turmoil of the "Gaza Disengagement".

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It is also an opportunity for new members to join. In March , we held our first Local Sulha Day in Jaffa with adults and children in attendance, empowering businessmen, artists and neighbors of Jaffa to share their wisdom, conflicts and hopes. An indigenous Middle Eastern way of mediation and conflict resolution.

Unfortunately, our two people are still fighting each other, so we acknowledge the fact that we are still in process:"On the Way to Sulha"Our new peace language has been developing throughout the years.

Sulha Peace Project

Our grassroots methodology is expressed through the following stages in our program:. Morning: "Heart opening" of deep trauma, pain and hopes at a personal level in the listening circles. Afternoon: Experiential and theoretical workshops as tools for melting the ignorance of each others' culture at a national, religious and ethnic level.

Sunset: Interfaith prayers and rituals rooted in the different monotheistic traditions. Celebration of our two peoples through the Arts as a means of healing and transformation. Nevertheless, our direction points towards Jerusalem. Our intention is to create a "spiritual security council" for the sacred Old City of Jerusalem. This council would be composed by spiritual, cultural and prominent figures from: Academia, Sports, Arts, Business, Clergy and Statesmen of the global community and representative members of the old city of Jerusalem, to take responsibility for the healing of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem would serve as a model for the resolution of other ethnic, racial and religious stress points and conflicts of the Planet.

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Jerusalem is the chosen location for the ultimate Sulha. We will keep checking reality until it allows us to manifest our vision. Zooming in closer and being even more courageous, we foresee the actual Sulha preceded by a three week "nomadic peace caravan". This caravan would pass through Arab and Jewish villages, pitching a tent in between them and inviting locals to join the Sulha in Jerusalem.

This would be the last station, and it will surround the meeting of the "spiritual security council" by Israelis, Palestinians and internationals in a massive Human gathering around the Wailing Wall, the Holy Sepulcher Church and Al-Aksa Mosque. If we get to be a critical mass of people, who embody the way of peace, our life in the Middle East will look very different beauty and creativity beyond imagination.

An event like this can have great influence. I am optimistic that in the near future, most people will accept the fact that our two peoples have to live in the same land - "the Land of the Prophets" and our destiny as the inheritors of the "Chalil" friend of God - Abraham, Sarah and Hagar is to share light, loving kindness and harmony with the world.

Peacemaking and Transformative Mediation

With the Holy One's help, light will come out from Jerusalem and we'll serve as an inspiration to the whole world. Israeli artists answered the call to support the Egyptian creative family. We believe that anyone and everyone should have access to enjoy our website, and therefore we make an effort that our website is clear and accessible, and will allow smooth internet surfing for anyone using different technologies.

It is simpler to put entire populations into the categories "dangerous" and "evil" rather than deal with the complexities of others and the imperfections within ourselves that cloud our vision.

Sometimes we hurt ourselves by marginalizing and even demonizing those who could be our most valuable allies within other groups. That doesn't mean we should be naive and open ourselves to people and situations that are in fact dangerous. Instead, we must learn to discern between what is safe and what is dangerous based on reality, not based on "stuff" we are carrying with us.


One path towards clarity is the gentle testing of our beliefs through direct experience. Encounters with the "Other" do not need to focus on the topic of conflict, and in fact such a focus can be counterproductive, as it keeps people fixated on the problems. It is vital to develop the capacity to turn our attention towards that which is healthy and unaffected by conflict, both within ourselves and around us. Otherwise we can drown.

The Sulha Peace Project: Listening for peace -

This approach is central to several peace initiatives I have been involved with. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.