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It breaks the taboo of killing a member of the film crew, allows real peril to enter the series and finally unleashes Baron Afanas Doug Jones in all his inglorious flesh.

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Afanas is a great character who has been kept on ice. He represents the real old world vampire of Nosferatu in the modern world. His approach to everything is anti-stealth. He offers no quarter and no one is safe. He gets very loud and boisterous and vampiry, drinking public urinators, doing shots direct from the tap of a carotid artery, and being an all-around over-the-top bloodsucker. The Baron becomes a "massive prick, ironic because he doesn't have one," once he hits the streets. But not to the viewers. We want him to enjoy the vast smorgasbord which is Staten Island by night.

We applaud when he proclaims himself a vampire to the man who chides him with "devil's suck.

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Not only because we get a glimpse of what this trio could be doing, because let's face it, it would be a different show it opened with them doing shots. But also because the more uncomfortable they are, the funnier they are.

Nadja is openly impatient with the Baron, and has been for a few episodes. Nandor is beside himself, right next to a too-close Guillermo, over how to act and treat the lingering guest who is taking up so much storage space. They are all socially awkward around Baron Afanas, with the ironic exception of Colin Robinson Mark Proksch , who is loving this.

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But then they up the ante on self-consciousness. Even Afanas suffers the embarrassment of possible faux pas. Colin lends him some normal, people clothes to wander among the populace in.

But being Colin, fashion comes at a price. He drains the old sucker with too many details about corduroy slacks and the Baron knows he's going to push tweed or something on him. He wants to ditch the energy vacuum but doesn't it to be made into a big thing. The human qualities the vampires retain are the worst they could have chosen. At least before he rained all over New York City. The setting of that evening was a vampire club.

Tonight the vampires start at a dive bar, which makes for interesting contrast.

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Afanas is a joy to watch having a ball, especially when he also drops his pants to demonstrate how he's actually missing them. We get to see him at his most vulnerable as well as his most guarded.

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One of his best moments comes after Afanas shares how he is growing tired of killing, weary of his own anger, and at a loss for the meaning of it all. He admits things could have gone very different, even on this night. Hey, we're all killers here, right? Nandor has a background of military conquest and a fetish for pillaging. The Baron was whatever he was, because we get a revelation about him which calls his very title into question. So when Nandor admits, vampire warrior to vampire warrior, that the group was actually also ready for a different kind of night, you would think it would cement the bond.

But no, that vampiric awkwardness comes out again and Nandor backpedals.

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It plays out wonderfully. It is the most good humored moment in the episode because it could have gone the other way. Dracula said it best, I never drink … wine. Set in Portland, the show has been noted for featuring local indie artists as they play in a local bar that the girls tend to hang out at throughout the show's first season. Kat Cunning , who plays Sabine, also sings some of her own songs in the show as her character. So get ready to be transported to the Paper Tiger and listen to some awesome jams that you probably have fallen in love with while watching the show.

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