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The Story and Meaning Behind

The stars silently give their beautiful light peacefully.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

But in your streets shines the light of redemption Which gives everyone eternal salvation. He was born the Messiah, and in his surroundings God's holy angels lovingly keep watch. Stars, praise him; proclaim the news That they bring peace and goodwill to people.

Even though His birth occurred without receiving attention, the quiet heart can still receive him. The angels announce the promised birth. Come dwell with us, oh Christ, King Jesus. Pueblecito is not capitalized in the title.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

It is the practice in Spanish to capitalize only the first word and proper nouns in composition titles. The interjection oh is less common in Spanish than in English but usually has similar meaning.

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Although their sound is the same, it should not be confused with the conjunction o nor the letter O. Pueblecito is a diminutive variation of pueblo , a word meaning "people" or, in this context, "town.

O Little Town of Bethlehem | by Elvis Presley | Elvis Presley Lyrics | The Elvis SongDataBase

So pueblecito might be thought of as meaning "dear little down" or "sweet little town. It isn't unusual for names of cities , particularly those well-known centuries ago, to have different names in different languages.

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It also has a colloquial use referring to confusion or a confusing problem. Note how in the translation many prepositional phrases have been translated as English adverbs. For example, en silencio becomes "silently" and con amor becomes "lovingly.


It is also a call: a call for us to be an integral part of our society, a call for us to stay steadfast in our country, and a call for us to witness to the values of Christianity and the values of peace, justice, and reconciliation as well as living together in this country. How do you find joy in Bethlehem?

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  6. My answer to them is because we have eternal happiness, happiness that comes from resurrection. Christmas can be a hard time for some; for others, it is easy to lose sight of Whom we are celebrating or why. This year, I pray we learn from our brothers and sisters in Bethlehem. May we find honor in living out our faith and joy in the midst our own trials, praising the One who sent His only Son.