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He uses a very quick and effective way to get the subs training to stick. Cally is currently an intern for a big newspaper. She's a very sweet, determined and seemingly naive woman that knows how to handle men.

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Her boss gives her the perfect opportunity for advancement and to prove herself worthy by going undercover to expose the one and only Jake Stone. She snags the job hands down. But what she had to go through to prove herself worthy was I saw as unethical and an amazingly difficult feat. The question is In the end, was it all worth it for her?

Did that just really happen? I enjoyed all of the surprises Kristal put out there for her readers. Amazingly detailed and hot sex scenes that some will be amazed by and others may be appalled. That being said I suggest those curious about aspects of BDSM or someone in the mood for a different kind of actual story with anything but vanilla sex should be the ones to read it.


But truly adored the characters Katherine and Cally two women after my own heart and the way they both took charge View 2 comments. Jan 14, Tory Michaels rated it it was ok. Started off with a premise I really had to suspend disbelief on. Tons I sex, and the last quarter or so really snapped any believability the book might have had.

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Just didn't really work for me. A really great full-length erotic novel. Hot hero and sexy heroine. The story-line will grip you until the end. Feb 01, Amanda rated it did not like it Shelves: ebooks , free-for-kindle. First of all, Jake Stone virtually kidnaps women by luring them under a false pretense, then he proceeds to "train" them as a submissive without their foreknowledge or consent. But this never bothers him until Cally comes along.

What a scumbag. But I kept reading, waiting to see how it played out and how bad Cally would make him grovel in the end. She forgives him after a half-ass "punishment" session. He was ready to turn her over to Mathers and the only thing that stopped him was that Mathers was too heavy-handed, which Jake admitted would have made him stop any transfer. So even at the very end, he was still going to hand her over.

He never gave one second's thought to leaving the business for her. He even tells himself that there is no way any woman would put up with his job. And not only does she forgive him almost instantly, but she wants to join his business. Frankly I knew it was all going downhill when the stupid slut reacted to Mathers even though his touch supposedly made her skin crawl. No wonder she didn't have a problem with Jake's business. She's as warped as he is. What I was hoping for was one of two scenarios: 1 he admitted everything and let her go before turning her over to Mathers, then started a different kind of business and found her a few months later to tell her OR 2 He went through with the transfer, but she was betrayed and heartbroken and refused to let Mathers touch her rather than getting turned by the creep playing with her.

When they saw that the brainwashing didn't work, they let her go.


Jake finally figured out that what he was doing was illegal and that he was an ass and discreetly checked on all his former trainees. Actually he already knew it was illegal or he wouldn't change his name and location after every client. Any that were not being treated well, he rescued. After a year of fixing everything he'd screwed up, he started a different business and found Cally to beg forgiveness.

The end wasn't even close to either one of those.

And setting aside the unbelievability of the whole scenario for a moment, let's focus on Jake's friends. So his former Special Forces team help him out.


First, a Special Forces team is small. Second, he says he goes all over the world. He also says his SF buddies are part of his business. What does he do, fly them all over the world? Don't they have jobs of their own? Or does he pay them? Seems like supporting all four in a style they would put up with would seriously cut into his profits. It just doesn't add up. It clearly says that the woman doesn't know she's going for sub training.

Sat at her usual table, stirring a spoonful of sugar into her latte, Wednesday began her daily cycle of speculation. Who was he? Did he come into the cafe at other times and fixate on other customers? What was going through his mind while he observed her so intently? A rare few went further with their assessment, and engaged her in conversation before they tried their luck.

Instinct told Wednesday to avoid the coffee guy at all costs. The way he examined her with his enquiring midnight blue eyes was so unsettling. And yet…. Whenever Wednesday walked into the cafe she frequented during her lunch break, the coffee guy would be there.

From the moment she took her first step through the door, his focus would shift from his drink to the queue of customers, where it would become fixed upon her. It had crossed her mind that maybe she should be scared, that this man could be some sort of voyeuristic stalker.

A swapped lunch break with her friend Carol had placed Wednesday behind the coffee guy in the queue. Wednesday had watched helplessly as the liquid seeped through her black shirt, ran down her purple pencil skirt, and travelled on an unstoppable route into her boots. There are spare T-shirts in there. Help yourself.

Night School for Scandal

Feeling like an unwilling contestant in a wet T-shirt competition, Wednesday had rushed towards the door marked Staff Only. Then, without a word of apology for ruining her clothes and potentially scalding her, the coffee guy had disappeared. All Wednesday had been left with was the lingering blaze of his navy blue eyes, which had heated her flesh just as much as the spilt drink….

All this word-ish thinking makes me wonder what your favourite sexy word is? Unzipping is a close second- and I rather love the word please — said in the right way you understand! You can follow Kay on:. Save Save Save Save.

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See how I do it here…. Twenty-five tales: from bitter chocolate and acidic citrus, to lush caramel. In Part Three, I looked at stories in unusual settings: futuristic, supernatural, and off-planet: locations thrilling and unexpected. In Part Four , I examined psychological and emotional depth within some of the stories, taking us to places unsettling, in which to face our own truths. We see the meeting of strangers, and passion between those in established relationships.

Jade A. The result is sassy and humorous. In writing the tale, Terrance gave thought to what a man in this setting would find attractive and desirable. The image of the baling machine as a kind of sexually voracious creature—comprising both male and female characteristics, really gets to the essence of this story. Terrance emphasizes that the need to harvest promptly, before the hay is ruined by rain, lends a sense of realism and urgency, which underscores the erotic elements in the story.

Exploring fantasies together is a great way to connect and keep the fires burning. I figured being approached in a club by a gorgeous girl who wants to go home with you would be a popular male fantasy. I thought couples could read this story together and imagine themselves in this situation. I had so much fun fantasizing about it to write this story! Lovejoy , Erin Pim , J.

You may enjoy a peek at my own interview with Rose, and husband Dayv, on their superb work in creating erotic audio-fiction and anthologies.