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One who is artless, credulous, or uncritical. Synonyms: naive , simple , ingenuous , unsophisticated , natural , unaffected , guileless , artless These adjectives mean free from guile, cunning, or sham. Naive sometimes connotes a credulity that impedes effective functioning in a practical world: "this naive simple creature, with his straightforward and friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances" Arnold Bennett. Simple stresses absence of complexity, artifice, pretentiousness, or dissimulation: "Those of highest worth and breeding are most simple in manner and attire" Francis Parkman.

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  3. Forty Centuries of Ink or, a chronological narrative concerning ink and its backgrounds, introducing incidental observations and deductions, parallels ... to-day and an epitome of chemico-legal ink.!

Ingenuous denotes childlike directness, simplicity, and innocence; it connotes an inability to mask one's feelings: an ingenuous admission of responsibility. Unsophisticated indicates absence of worldliness: the astonishment of unsophisticated tourists at the tall buildings.

Natural stresses spontaneity that is the result of freedom from self-consciousness or inhibitions: "When Kavanagh was present, Alice was happy, but embarrassed; Cecilia, joyous and natural" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Unaffected implies sincerity and lack of affectation: "With men he can be rational and unaffected, but when he has ladies to please, every feature works" Jane Austen. Guileless signifies absence of insidious or treacherous cunning: a guileless, disarming look. Artless stresses absence of plan or purpose and suggests unconcern for or lack of awareness of the reaction produced in others: a child of artless grace and simple goodness. During his absence, Bradford took solace in the support of his teammates.

If he wants to recapture the hearts of Philadelphia's faithful and hold off Wentz all season, he's going to have to keep the Eagles in playoff contention.

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Bradford 'not naive' that it will be Wentz's team. By Chris Wesseling. Previous Article Next Article.

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