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Holy Matrimony!

It seems that when Merope lost her husband she also lost the will to live. Her dying wish that the baby should resemble his father was granted. Originally published on Pottermore. Published on Dec 30th Seems like the story was rushed. If its free go for it.

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My Daddy is A Handsome Prince: Volume 2 by Nathan J. Morissey

Morissey See All. Erotic Gay Tales 1. Erotic Gay Tales: 47 Stories. My Alpha Wolf, Book 1. My Bad Boy Uncle. What can I do to save you? No sooner had these words passed her lips than the lion-form disappeared, and she saw at her feet a handsome Prince, who thanked her for having broken his enchantment.

He told her that a wicked magician had condemned him to wear the form of a lion until a beautiful lady should consent to marry him; a kind fairy had, however, given him the magic rose to help him. At the same instant that the Prince was changed the whole palace became full of courtiers, all of whom had been rendered invisible when the Prince was enchanted. The Prince now led Beauty into the palace, where she found her father.

The Prince related all to him, and asked him to allow Beauty to become his wife, to which he cheerfully assented, and the nuptials were solemnized with great rejoicing. The good fairy appeared to congratulate the Prince on his deliverance and on his marriage with Beauty.

As for the two sisters, she punished them severely for their jealous and unkind behavior. But the Prince and his wife Beauty lived happily together in the royal palace for many, many years. Once upon a time there was a young Prince who was so well liked by everyone in the kingdom where he lived that they named him Prince Darling.

The King loved his son greatly, and he loved his subjects, too. He was very anxious to have his son grow up to be a splendid man, and a just ruler for his people. He knew, too, that the boy would succeed to the throne, and would have to see that everyone in the kingdom was treated justly and kindly. One day a strange thing happened. The King was out hunting, when suddenly a little white rabbit leaped into his arms. And the rabbit was right; for the King stroked the trembling creature gently, and said:.

Ihre Vorteile

That night, after everyone else had gone to bed, the King sat alone thinking about Prince Darling. Suddenly a beautiful lady seemed to come into the room.

See a Problem?

She was dressed in pure white, and wore a wreath of white roses on her golden hair. The rabbit was really the Fairy Truth. I took the shape of a rabbit to see whether you were really as good as everyone said. Now I know you are, and I shall always be your friend. The King was amazed by the lovely Fairy and her wonderful offer.

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He thought at once that if only he could win the friendship of the Fairy Truth for Prince Darling, all would be well. So he said:. Will you? I will make him the richest or the handsomest or the most powerful Prince in the world. Which shall it be? If he is good and his conscience does not trouble him, I am sure he will be happy.

Reward Yourself

Riches and power and good looks, without goodness, cannot make him happy. He will have to do most of it himself, though. I can only advise him, praise him when he is good, and scold him when he is bad. But I will do all I can. The Fairy Truth remembered her promise, and came to the palace with a present for Prince Darling.

I promised your father that I would be your friend. This ring will help you to keep my friendship. When it pricks you, you will know you have done something mean or unkind. It will warn you to stop doing such things. If you stop, I will be your friend; if you keep on doing wicked things, I will become your enemy. The Prince was curious to know whether the ring really would do as the Fairy said.

But he never felt a single prick from the ring. Then one day he was badly pricked. He came home from hunting in a horrid temper, and kicked his unoffending little dog, that was trying to be friendly, until it howled with pain. Even if you are a prince, the world cannot always run just to suit your whims. The Prince was greatly embarrassed, and thrust his hands deep into his pockets to make himself seem full-grown up—so he would not cry!

He promised to be good forever after.

After a time he paid hardly any attention to the ring at all. Finally he made up his mind that a prince ought to be able to decide for himself what was right or wrong. Besides, the ring pricked so hard and so often that it made his finger bleed. So he threw it away entirely. Just after this he met Celia, the loveliest girl he had ever seen. It seemed to him he could never be happy until he had made her his wife; and he lost no time in asking her to marry him.

The Prince was indignant, for he thought any girl should be proud to have him offer to marry her and make her Queen. This speech made the Prince so angry that he ordered his men to take Celia off to the palace as a prisoner. Now, the Prince had a foster-brother who was a very wicked man. When the Prince told him [Pg 22] about Celia, he said:. How ridiculous! The whole kingdom would laugh if they knew about it.

He rushed off to find her. His men had given him the key to the cell where they had imprisoned her.

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But the cell was quite empty. The Prince was terribly angry, and swore that he would put to death the person who had helped Celia to escape. When the Prince heard it he was still more angry. To think that his old tutor could treat him so! He ordered his men to arrest the supposed offender, put him in chains, as if he were a murderer, and bring him to court.