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In fact, the opposite is true.

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Regions with the most executions also have the highest murder rates. In fact, the murder rate has fallen in New York, New Mexico, Illinois, and Connecticut in the years after they repealed the death penalty.

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In , the National Research Council reviewed all of the deterrence studies from all sides of the issue and found there was no credible evidence that the death penalty deters murder. Many family members who have lost love ones to murder feel that a death sentence will not heal their wounds nor provide closure.

The mandatory appeals process in death penalty cases results in decades of court hearings with no certainty that the sentence will ever be carried out. For these reasons, many survivors of murder victims feel that the death penalty system only prolongs their pain and does not provide the resolution they seek. By contrast, a sentence of life in prison is swift and certain, allowing families to move on knowing that justice is being served.

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Nobody speaks for all victims or survivors, but there has been a scientific study of victim family members that compared the impact of a death sentence versus a life sentence for the murderer. The study found higher levels of physical, psychological, and behavioral health for the families, as well as more satisfaction with the criminal justice system, when the sentence was life not death.

Aside from the evidence that the death penalty is not the best way to help the survivors, the huge costs of the death penalty waste money that could be used to help families put their lives back together through counseling, restitution, crime victim hotlines, and other services addressing their needs.

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A sentence of life in prison without parole is in fact a sentence of death in prison. Prisoners sentenced to LWOP actually remain in prison for the rest of their lives and die in prison.

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The only ways that someone convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole can be released from prison, are the same as for people sentenced to death: a pardon or commutation from the governor, or by having a court overturn their conviction. If a prisoner is able to prove in a court of law that they were wrongfully convicted—that they are in fact innocent—then the conviction should be overturned and the prisoner set free.

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The only difference in this respect between a death sentence and a life sentence is that with a life sentence there is no risk of a prisoner being found innocent after they have been executed. The execution of an innocent person is a wrong that can never be put right. Since the s, people have been exonerated from death rows around the US.

In many of those cases, the exoneration came after a long legal battle and thanks to the extraordinary efforts of people working outside the system. Any one of the death row exonorees could have just have easily been executed.

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Your employer will be able to explain how this benefit is calculated. Some people may be unsure if they have death in service, while others may not know if it would be enough for their family to live on.

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Also, those who have this benefit may not realise they could gain from taking out life insurance too. Death in service benefit is not taxable, but it can vary though it is typically two to four times your annual salary. Be mindful that tax is based on your personal circumstances and may change in the future. The pay-out of a life insurance policy depends on the cover you have — meaning you have the freedom to decide how much your beneficiaries get, not your employer.

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You are unable to assign your death in service benefit to cover your mortgage, but your beneficiaries can decide to use the money towards repaying a mortgage. Most people who are not members of a death in service company plan can take out their own policy. The reason you might do this is because you can get tax relief like your pension on the premium cost of the life cover.

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