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Atul Gawande illustrates how modern medicine is good at staving off death with aggressive interventions—and bad at knowing when to focus, instead, on improving the days that terminal patients have left. Charlotte faces her death and consoles Wilbur with elegant practicality.

And yet, I don’t have any problem with talking about death.

EB White uses this beautiful story to illustrate the power of relationship along with the cycle of life and death. Spade said. We asked people who have been through it themselves—sometimes on multiple occasions—to share their advice for navigating these difficult times.

At 81, I still swim a mile a day. In this inspiring piece, Aaron Freeman creates a beautiful scene of a physicist consoling friends and family at a funeral by scientifically explaining how the deceased loved one is not actually gone. When a loved one dies, the last thing most of us want to do is consider and handle logistics.

To be aware of this checklist long before anyone close to you dies makes things easier. In this inspiring piece, Aaron Freeman creates a beautiful scene of a physicist consoling loved ones at your funeral by scientifically explaining how you are not actually gone. It starts with the shock that someone you love is sick enough to be here. The sight of your parent, partner or child under harsh lights, possibly bandaged and bruised, attached to tubes, drains, IV lines, maybe even a ventilator.

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When Dr. Your dad almost died before I let you back.

By Artan Walker

I just want you to love him… Sometimes we have to laugh. At a minimum, our heightened awareness and willingness to talk about illness, dying, caregiving and grieving will lead to much better end-of-life care. Like individuals who grow wiser with age, collectively, in turning toward death, we stand to learn a lot about living. Ira Byock. It also brings into focus why some things we may default to saying while trying to protect the kids may not be best for them in the long run.

In this fantastically light and fun video, we see a group of older people in New Zealand who were fed-up after attending so many funerals that rarely reflected the vibrant lives of friends and family they were meant to honor, so they created what they call a Coffin Club.

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Stanford internist Lucy Kalanithi is the widow of neurosurgeon and writer Paul Kalanithi, who was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer at age He asks us to think about the end of our lives — and to question the modern model of slow, intubated death in hospital. Two big questions can help you start this tough conversation. And they did. The idea hit her while lying in bed, fighting through the pain of a ravenous cancer which doctors had diagnosed only a few months earlier.

British philosopher and Zen Scholar Alan Watts delivers a series of humorous but very thoughtful musings on death with his typical dry wit. At the end of our lives, what do we most wish for? BJ Miller is a palliative care physician who thinks about how to create a dignified, graceful end of life for his patients. Mike DeStefano struggles with how to give support to his wife, who is dying in hospice. Mike died of a heart attack on March 6, This footage is of him at the U. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado, where he told one of the most searingly beautiful stories ever told at the Moth — a beautiful, bittersweet story about taking his dying wife on a motorcycle ride.

In this short video, Dianne Gray talks about loss of a child to a terminal illness, and how to live amidst it. A powerful provocation from artist Jae Rhim Lee. Can we commit our bodies to a cleaner, greener Earth, even after death? Naturally — using a special burial suit seeded with pollution-gobbling mushrooms. Normally, these children would end their lives in a hospital, alone and abandoned. But thanks to Mohamed, they get the love, strength, warmth, and joy they deserve in their final months and days.

Breaking bread has historically been a step toward social progress, says Death Over Dinner founder, Michael Hebb. How can we use the power of home and hearth to change healthcare? Have you talked with the people you love? Truly passionate talk about from Alexandra Drane sharing a personal story to illustrate how important it is to die the way we want and be cared for the way we want. Kelley Lynn talks about the things people say to you after you suffer a loss. She shares about the loss of her husband and the idea of moving on.

In this beautiful talk about coping with loss, Green brings joy and play to tragedy. Spoken word poet In-Q, accompanied by gorgeous animation, expresses the bittersweetness of life, aging, and death in the context of love like no other.

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During the past 20 years few people have changed the conversation about the intersection of life and death more than Mitch Albom. Joan Halifax works with people at the last stage of life in hospice and on death row. In this short video, we see the potency of heart to heart connection and feel the undeniable importance in getting to share a goodbye.

Stephen Jenkinson explains how our culture taught us to deny death and sadness. He thought-provokingly tells how to turn this around. Please listen from — Tig Notaro was diagnosed with cancer.

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A week later she went on stage in Los Angeles about her string of misfortunes. Listen from — Sheryl Sandberg gives a vulnerable interview about what life looked like after her husband died suddenly. But when it comes to the critical question of what to do when death is at hand, there seems to be a gap between what we want doctors to do for us, and what doctors want done for themselves.

Mortician Caitlin Doughty has traveled around the world exploring the ways other cultures approach death and talks about many of them as well as the differences in America. Brown says that being with people who are dying is a profound experience. Charlotte faces her death and consoles WIlbur with elegant practicality.

In this episode of the Making Sense podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Frank Ostaseski about death and dying—and about how the awareness of death can improve our lives in each moment. We love hearing stories from all of you out there who have survived a death dinner! The beautiful collection we've gathered so far are shared here - feel free to take your time and peruse.

If you'd like to add your story to our anthology, share it with us or tag us with deathdinner. If you haven't had your dinner yet, get started below. Which of the following best describes you and your interest in this discussion? Your selection will determine the content provided for you in the following steps.

Let's Talk Death

Please choose a short piece for you and your guests to watch, listen to, and read before coming together at dinner. Links will be sent in your dinner prep email. And have the knowledge and ability to ask the right questions to understand and challenge systems, organisations and health care professionals about the care and support of a loved one who is dying. We have illustrated this book to allow you to use this, as a device to open up and guide conversations about death and dying for all age groups.

Coping with death is an intergenerational challenge. This book is designed to start conversations to help everyone to feel empowered and positive to talk about death. Back to top. We use cookies to give you the best experience. It's essentially a manual for how to deal with people close to you when death strikes you or them.