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Subject: Health hazard posed by electromagnetic fields — reassessment. Subject: Change in Greek law on collective redundancies. Subject: Need for health studies for residents of the Fyli landfill area. Subject: Need for swift agreement on the data protection package. Subject: Dangerous swimming toys for babies and young children. Stassen to the Commission. Subject: Review of state aid rules for airports. Subject: Protection of indigenous ladybird species in the EU.

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Subject: Support for promoting small producers' products. Subject: Support for modernising small local shops. Subject: Support for projects publicising local businesses. Subject: Discrimination against European consumers by companies requiring national registration numbers.

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Subject: Asbestos in the water supply of Ambelona in the municipality of Tyrnavos in Larissa Prefecture. Subject: Commission's role as competition regulator. Subject: Red label for Italian products sold in the United Kingdom. Subject: Less red tape for Italian wine growers. Subject: EU swimming against the protectionist tide. Subject: Third countries targeting EU goods with protectionist policies.

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  • Los mejores relatos breves juveniles de la provincia de Alicante 2013 (Spanish Edition).
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Subject: Horses whose slaughter is not permitted. Subject: Decline in Finnish forest reindeer populations. Subject: Marine seismic activities in the Mediterranean Sea. Subject: Possible conflict between German gambling law and EU competition rules. Subject: Deterioration of Turkey's foreign policy.

Subject: EU-funded deinstitutionalisation of children in Bulgaria. Subject: Manipulation in the raw materials sector. Subject: Use of the Moschopoulos reservoir project on the island of Corfu. Subject: Increased concentrations of nitrates in water in villages in Rodopi. Subject: State of the environment of Lake Kastoria. Subject: European citizens living below the poverty threshold. Subject: EU funding for Croatian border controls. Subject: Road accident in Monteforte Irpino and road safety in Europe.

Subject: EU funds inaccessible in Veneto due to malfunctioning of online application registration system. Subject: Problems arising from the introduction of new banknotes. Subject: Pakistan: abandoned babies offered as prizes in television show. Subject: Cattle die-off caused by botulism poisoning in Trebaseleghe Padua : possible link to biogas digesters.

Subject: High concentrations of PFAS perfluoroalkylated substances in the drinking water of some 30 municipalities in the Veneto Region. Subject: Railway accident in Santiago de Compostela and safety of the European railway system. Subject: Declining sales of footwear in Italy.

Subject: Dangers posed to designations of origin by new Internet domains in the wine-growing industry. Subject: Threat to consumer health from Chinese rice. Subject: Beef cattle farming: protests by French and Italian stockbreeders. Subject: Authorisation of GMO products of animal origin. Subject: Adherence to case-law of the Court of Justice concerning air passengers' rights. Subject: Best practices for more sustainable urban mobility. Subject: Arrest of a Catholic priest in Belarus. Subject: Abduction of the daughter of a Belarusian opposition activist. Subject: Sentencing of Russian opposition leader.

Subject: Support for small and medium-size enterprises SMEs. Subject: Support for natural stone production. Subject: Support for micro-enterprises in depressed areas. Subject: Application for world heritage status for Alentejan song. Subject: Stage reached in creating the European information and booking interface across transport modes. Subject: Blocking and removal of online profiles and pages of the Turkish opposition by Facebook. Subject: Suspending the procedure for Kosovo's accession to the EU. Subject: Procedure for recruitment of staff for the new radio and television broadcasting entity in Greece.

Subject: Period of validity of student visas. Subject: Social and economic effects of zero-hours contracts. Subject: Testing for GM content of all rice products imported from China. Subject: Fines for critical TV stations in Turkey follow-up question. Subject: Mandatory labelling for peeled asparagus. Subject: Abolition of voluntary beef labelling — harmful to European producers and consumers. Subject: Turkish Government intimidations — missile launches against foreign vessels. Subject: Protection of children on the web — parents' permission to open accounts on social networks.

Subject: Police brutality in repression of peaceful protests in Bulgaria. Subject: Construction of a dam near the city of Hasankyef in Turkey, protection of cultural heritage and conduct of European enterprises. Subject: Impact of fiscal adjustment on the management bodies of protected areas and the protection of these areas. Subject: Continuing Turkish embargo on Cypriot ships and planes. Subject: Abduction of Greek and Syrian Orthodox archbishops. Subject: British Government selling personal data to the US. Subject: Cost of Muslim immigration to EU citizens.

Subject: Competition law — Municipal Code of Rhineland-Palatinate water and energy supply and local public transport. Subject: Spread of animal diseases at the EU's eastern borders.

Hochschule der Medien

Subject: Possibility of funding for the work of the local police. Subject: Theft of aid supplies in Somalia and elsewhere. Subject: Participation by Commissioners in the Bilderberg Conference 2. Subject: Misuse of development aid by corrupt regimes. Subject: Labelling of all ingredients in medicines. Subject: Mobile phone bills: third-party billing fraud. Subject: Warehousing and industrial activity by traders and financial institutions. Subject: Co-funded land registry projects in Greece. Subject: Bankruptcies among European egg producers due to European rules.

Subject: Commission involvement in Italy delaying public payments.

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Subject: MOSE project — possible breach of EU guidelines on the monitoring of the project and supervision of the measures designed to limit its environmental impact. Subject: Danger for birds due to plan to build a wind farm on Mount Pizzoc in Fregona TV along an important bird migration route. Subject: Violence directed at the Orthodox community in Albania.

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Subject: Withdrawal limit from banks which fail. Subject: Legality of Gibraltar border checks. Subject: Message of congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Subject: Increasing Internet access in the Member States. Subject: Implementation of the House of European History project. Subject: Commemoration of terrorism in Northern Ireland. Subject: Impact of the abolition of milk quotas after Subject: Release of 26 Palestinian prisoners. Subject: Planned obsolescence and consumer protection.

Subject: Withholding taxes on EU-funded projects. Subject: Elimination of the gender pay gap in the EU. Subject: Nuclear power plants — national subsidies and EIB loans.