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Douglas J. Lanska, M.

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Joseph Babinski : A Biography. Notify me. Description The life and work of Joseph Babinski has been revisited by two French physicians whose enthusiasm for the subject is reflected in the depth and breadth of documentary sources.

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From Babinski's Polish roots, his father an intrepid revolutionist, his brother the gold miner and famous gastronome Ali-Bab to the Babinski circle, his friends, his colleagues and his disciples, the reader will find a refreshing perspective on a particularly fascinating period in French medicine. His scientific contribution is analyzed in detail, with for the first time a complete bibliography of his publications.

These includes not only the Babinski Sign, but also the earlier and heretofore less-known concerning pathological anatomy and histology, the papers on cutaneous and tendinous reflexes, cerebellar and vestibular semeiology, hysteria and pithiatism, localization of spinal cord compression s and the birth of French neurosurgery. This is Going to Hurt Adam Kay.

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Joseph Jules François Félix Babinski

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