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How to Hyperlink Your Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

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In A Grove by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, UE Caloocan, Diana Cabote.

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Menno van Lummel , David T. This will create a style based on the properties of the text you had selected. To rename your style, or make style changes, double-click the new paragraph style in the list to open the style options dialog box. Once you finish editing your style, assign the style to your headline by selecting the characters of your headline, then selecting the paragraph style from the list of styles in your Paragraph Styles panel. Advanced tip If you hold the Option key Mac or the Alt key Windows when clicking the create new style icon, the properties dialog box will immediately open from the Paragraph Styles panel, allowing you to edit the new style right away.

Throughout your InDesign document, be sure to apply the Paragraph Style to all of the headings. Not only will this allow you to make design changes faster, but it will also help us add bookmarks and interactivity within a PDF file.

How to Create a Clickable Custom Table of Contents in Microsoft Word or PDF

The Table of Contents feature gathers the contents and page numbers of specific paragraph styles in order to provide a list of the contents included in your publication. This content is created automatically and can be updated as your document is edited. While this provides very useful textual information in regard to finding content, this same information can also be used to make your document interactive when exporting to PDF.

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Next, select Table of Contents from the Layout menu. Checking this option will result in a PDF file that includes bookmarks that link directly to the corresponding content within the document. This feature also results in a more structured and searchable PDF file. When finished, click OK to return to your document with a loaded text cursor. Click to add a new story into your document that includes all of the TOC information. Because the TOC is automatically generated, making changes involves revisiting the Table of Contents dialog box.

Continue to make edits in this dialog box, including changes to the title, included paragraph styles, and various options, then click OK. The selected text frame will update with your new settings. You can update the Table of Contents as often as you like.

SortAllSheets -- The following code will sort sheet tabs (#sortallsheets)