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Loved by millions and collected here for the first time is the very best of Ronnie Barker? Celebrating his genius for comic wordplay, this wonderful collection includes 'Pismonouncers Unanimous? As talented a writer as he was performer, Ronnie Barker was behind the best known Two Ronnies?

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His comedy writing was so prolific that he began using the pseudonym Gerald Wiley while working on Frost on Sunday, which he continued when making The Two Ronnies, so eager was he to ensure that his writing was judged on its merit alone. Showcasing the work of a true comic icon, and one of the best writers and comedians of the twentieth century, Fork Handles is every bit as warm and funny as Ronnie Barker himself. Let's Try No, Thanks.

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    The Bery Vest of Ronnie Barker

    Fork Handles: The Bery Vest of Ronnie Barker Loved by millions and collected here for the first time is the very best of Ronnie Barker 's classic sketches, monologues, songs and, of course, the brilliant two-handers that he wrote for The Two Ronnies. It looks like you're not in the United Kingdom? Exposure follows, especially when an ill-tempered Pakistani VAT man comes to the shop. Arkwright decides to take Nurse Gladys away to a hotel. This leaves Granville in a position to make his play for the milk round lady, but Arkwright, hands on as ever and never keen to be too far away from the shop, has booked himself and Nurse Gladys into a hotel just round the corner - but Arkwright still refuses to part with his precious money, and resorts to an over-tight money belt, which makes him walk funny.

    Arkwright's marketing genius comes to the fore as he tries to shift some over-stocked items. Whilst Granville moans about the shop opening at dawn Arkwright bewails his inability to sell a load of fig biscuits and toilet rolls imprinted with inspirational texts. The opportunity arises when regular customer Mavis mistakes the sepulchral voice of Granville in the cellar for a ghost advising her what to buy but sadly for Arkwright he falls through the open trap door and breaks his leg.

    Arkwright has to buy a new suit — on Nurse Gladys Emmanuel's say so. She is tired of being seen around with a shabby Arkwright so Nurse Gladys gives him an ultimatum and tells him that he must buy a new suit But will he be able to part with the money, or is there another, cheaper, option? Arkwright proves his ambition by expanding the business All of this in order to convince Nurse Gladys that he is a man of enterprise.

    The mobile shop is to be driven around by Granville, but, given Arkwright's customary meanness, the best that he can come up with the clapped out ice cream van, leading to Granville having a close encounter with some perishables. To the envy of Granville who has never attended one, Arkwright is taking Nurse Gladys to a wedding and has taken his old suit out of moth-balls, but it still reeks of camphor. Nurse Gladys makes him hang it out of the car window as they drive along but the trousers end up under a tractor's wheels.

    Thank goodness Nurse Gladys is wearing a trouser suit or there might have been some explaining to do. Arkwright has always told Granville his father was a Hungarian but then a real Hungarian comes into the shop. Could it be him?

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    Arkwright is more concerned that he may be a shop-lifter and hits on a cunning plan to part him from his jacket so that he can search the pockets for evidence. Welcome to the mythical feast day of St. Albert, which Arkwright has invented so that Granville can check the pockets of a foreign visitor who he suspects of shoplifting.

    There are protests when Arkwright is caught dragging Granville around by his ear. Arkwright's baffled when his customers get upset with his treatment of Granville and reasons that this is what errand boys are for, but the customers choose to differ and force Arkwright to improve his nephew's lot in life - which proves to be a struggle for the tight shopkeeper. Why is Arkwright forcing his ginger cake upon Nurse Gladys?

    Could it be he has overstocked?

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    When Arkwright finds himself with a surplus of Jamaican Ginger cakes he tries various marketing ploys in order to sell them off, but hits the jackpot when he claims that the cakes contain drugs, which has the customers fighting to get at them. If it really is an old Jamaican aphrodisiac, why is Granville acting like he's overdosed? When a smartly-dressed man comes to the shop asking for directions, Arkwright is concerned that the love of his life is seeing another whilst Granville's love life is also suffering.

    It is bad enough that when he accompanies Wendy he only has a bike with which to impress her - but the bike has a squeak, which he can't get rid of and it is driving Granville round the bend, but can it really be affecting his love-life? Arkwright considers yet another money-making scheme for his local shoppers to escape. Everybody seems to want fire-lighters in the winter so he can save cash by making his own - or rather getting Granville to make them in the shed at the back.

    But Arkwright's plan to make his own fire lighters has a snag, they may be somewhat dangerous to make With rather explosive results. Arkwright learns that a former beau of Nurse Gladys is returning from Australia, where he emigrated a couple of decades ago to make his fortune.

    BFH 53: Fork Handles, the best of Ronnie Barker

    Naturally Arkwright is not happy to think that Nurse Gladys might be tempted by her old flame and sets about to take drastic action with the man he believes to be his rival.