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I do prefer tougher heroines but this one was ok. I will probably read the next book as I do enjoy books by this author. Jun 12, Gwessie Tee rated it it was amazing. Naughtiness 1 Absolutely brilliant, loved this book very much and cannot wait for the next in the series. I won't give spoilers but will say this truly is a fantastic read, any who love supernatural beings will I think like this if not love it, I'm definitely in the love it category.

Oct 24, Punkin added it. Lots of snark, sarcasm and immaturity. Interesting take on demons and angels. Bit of sadness but not much romance, that was wishy washy.

Book 1: Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy

May 31, Kristen Lewendon rated it it was amazing. That does it, I need to know more. But scratch that surface and you find something a little darker and a lot deeper. Pulling details from the legends of angels and demons, those deeper, darker parts of the story read a lot like a psychological thriller. Action, suspense, drama, betrayal, love, lust, and hope liberally spiced with random That does it, I need to know more.

Action, suspense, drama, betrayal, love, lust, and hope liberally spiced with random laugh-out-loud moments meant for an emotional roller-coaster ride. I received a complimentary advanced copy of this book. Mar 12, Nightwings81 rated it did not like it Shelves: books-i-didn-t-like. Saying Lyn is hot mess in the book description could not be more true. This protagonist is useless, immature, annoying, and not likable at all.

Her mannerisms and "snarky" comments are grating, and I love a snarky protagonist in an urban fantasy. She gets nothing accomplished in the book and the only thing I found even slightly funny was her declaring her will to live was gone because her coffee had spilled. I could not find any reason for her and Sam to blossom into anything, and if her matriar Saying Lyn is hot mess in the book description could not be more true.

I could not find any reason for her and Sam to blossom into anything, and if her matriarchal line are supposed to be useful in the battle between Heaven and Hell, then both factions are doomed. And we get it, she and Angie hang I got this book free and I really only finished it because I am doing the book challenge on Goodreads and didn't want the pages wasted, but I wouldn't pay for the next book and I would have been pretty pissed to have spent money on this one. Jun 13, T. The story line had lots of promise, but I have a problem with books when the heroes are annoying or self-centered.

I also felt there were plot holes, such as not recognizing Sam as a demon and her resistance to recognizing the danger to herself and others. Childish and a slob, Lyn had no real redeeming qualities to make me like her or sympathize with her-- other opinions may differ, but this wasn't a series for me. Apr 10, Deb Le rated it it was amazing.

I absolutely adored this book.

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It's extremely fast paced with a deliciously sarcastic heroine, Lyn, who doesn't always have a clue what she's doing. Sam is hilarious while Angie is a sweetheart. It's a roller coaster of a read taking you on a journey to a world full of demons and angels where very little is what it seems. The plot is well constructed, the action kept me turning the pages from the start. I voluntarily received an ARC of this book. Apr 16, Christinaraven rated it it was amazing.

This is the first book Lyn and Sam's story and was a riot. The story was well written and quite a few scenes made me laugh out loud. I was addicted from the end of the first chapter. By the end it was also hard to say whose side Sam really was on.

Just a really good start to a series that can be re-read for fun and was pretty clean in terms of sex too. Loved the concept. Jun 13, Gena Grider rated it did not like it. Sooooo bad!!! It made no sense whatsoever!! If you have nothing else to do, watch tv. Jun 13, Emily Pennington rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. Lyn Conway, a demon hunter protector of humanity, watched an Arwah demon, looking like a ball of tar with teeth, move over the welcome mat at the open door. She was teaching martial arts to a class of preschoolers and needed to get them away from the demon who could possess anyone it touched.

She had her receptionist best friend toss her sword to her and take the children outside while she took care of the problem oozing across the floor. This was the second demon this week — and it was only Tue Lyn Conway, a demon hunter protector of humanity, watched an Arwah demon, looking like a ball of tar with teeth, move over the welcome mat at the open door. This was the second demon this week — and it was only Tuesday! She walked into her apartment and saw 3 people in the living room.

The Shadow Queen (Ravenspire 1) C J Redwine Audiobook

One was Sam -- the gorgeous Greater demon she had accidentally soul-bonded to a week ago by saving his life -- and a middle-aged couple who gasped at the sight of her sword. The Emersons wanted to hire Lyn. Their daughter was a involved in the recent suicide deaths which were highly suspicious since all the young women were blonde, blue-eyed, around the same height, and in the same age range — in fact, exactly like Lyn herself.

At least in their present circumstance, he could never harm her without harming himself. But why was he being so accommodating and even protective toward her? I loved the snarky, fun tone of this book immediately! The personalities of the characters jump right out at the reader, which shows what a good job the author is doing in introducing them!

The banter that goes on between the characters will keep the reader laughing. Even the secondary characters are amazing! Will Lyn realize just how much Sam is really there for her when things get really difficult and dangerous?

Is there any way other than death to break this bond that keeps them together? Grab your copy and find out — and grab Book 2 which is also available now!

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You are definitely going to fall in love with these characters and will want to see how it all works out! Jun 12, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-challenge This book is a laugh out loud riot. The author takes us on a hysterical cheeky ride. Poor Lyn Conway she is a mess , she is a demon hunter with a little bit of a problem.

Never Save a Demon (A Daughter of Eve #1) by J.D. Brown

She is bound to a sexy demon that just won't go away. Well actually he can't go away he is bound to her and the only way that he will leave is if she dies. She doesn't want to die but when she is being hunted down it will take all of her and Sam's powers to keep her alive.

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I absolutely fell in love with these characters. Lyn is such a mess, she is trying to survive hunting the demons she sees, keeping the world safe. She is snarky and so not a girlie girl. She is actually really tough and has a heart of gold for her best friend and her grandmother. You will really like her she is a card. Sam is oh so sexy and a greater demon. He has this canny ability to peeve off Lyn any chance he can by giving her healthy food and counting her coffee intake. He is grumpy most of the time. They are so different but they are so made for each other.

You guys will love them and their cattiness towards each other, I absolutely loved this book. The characters are well written and complex and the author takes us on a fun filled journey. I had such a blast reading this book. It is a departure from her vampire series. This one is more tongue n cheek snarky and laugh out loud funny. Just the conversations between Sam and Lyn alone are hilarious. Every time he tries to get he to eat healthy well you will have to read to see what she does to get even. Trust me there is a lot of coffee drinking that goes on. I couldn't put the book down I read it in an evening and laughed all the way through. Put it on your summer reading list. Aug 05, Emma rated it really liked it. I really had a lot of fun reading this YA book. I had to laugh at the heroine's, Lyn's, sarcasm and humor. There was so much adventure and emotions in this story. Emotions such as happiness, sadness, confusion, desperation, fear and terror. Sam, Lyn's demon sidekick, was an interesting character.