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Identifying the Invader

Billy and Mac are forcing the small creature to have some of their snacks, but it won't eat their snacks. The gang meets them what the twins were doing and were trying to feed the small creature thought to be their pet. The small creature from the river doesn't feel happy, refuses to eat some of Billy and Mac's snacks, and wants to go back to its home with its mother and the creature comes from the rivers. The twins decide to return the small creature to the trio.

Having retrieved the creature, the trio decides to return it to its mother.

Critter Control - SNL

However, the trio is curious to find what critter the three found. Fishtronaut uses his invention the Critterdex to help identify different types of animals.

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While putting the critter on the Critterdex, the Critterdex says, "Platypus" after identifying the baby platypus on the Critterdex. The gang is curious that they have never heard of the word "platypus" and the platypus is a furry animal with the beak of a duck Fishtronaut also says that ducks have feathers, not fur like the platypus. The trio decides to visit the ducks to know more about the platypus. Suddenly, Rosy Barb hears an adult platypus crying on the lake while decorating for the costume party.

Rosy asks the adult platypus that if she is lost. The platypus says that she is not lost, but she lost her baby. The mother platypus then explains that while she was looking for food during the morning, her baby disappeared after returning the spot where her baby is supposed to be; therefore, the mother platypus won't calm down until she has her baby back. She asks the mother platypus to tell her friend Fishtronaut to help her solve the case. Meanwhile, the trio meets a mother duck while Marina shows the baby platypus to her to say if she lost any eggs and the platypus is one of her babies.

The duck, however, says she didn't lose her eggs and the platypus isn't one of her babies. While trying to find his mother, Rosy asks Fishtronaut saying that she found the mother platypus looking for her baby. The baby platypus feels excited that he wants to return to her mother. Fishtronaut decides to return the baby platypus back to his mother. Before Fishtronaut returns the platypus to his mother, Marina is very curious to know what kind of animal a platypus is.

Suddenly, another P. Receiving the reward, it is then known that the platypus is a semi-aquatic mammal which lives on land and on water that lives in Australia and the platypus is a strange animal that lays eggs, according to the Big Book of Mammals. Marina found out that she has to show the Big Book of Mammals to her cousins Billy and Mac while Fishtronaut decides to bring the baby platypus to his mother in the lake.

After reuniting the baby platypus to his mother, Fishtronaut tells her to be in the costume party.

Definition of owlet

Is the noise from a large animal or a small animal? Does it happen during daylight hours probably squirrel or is it mostly at night?

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In the walls? That's likely rats or mice. A big torn-out hole is likely a raccoon. A 2-inch hole with chewing around the perimeter is likely a squirrel. Brown grease is from rats, and bats leave droppings at the hole. This website has many photos of the feces of each type of common attic animal. Get in the attic and examine the feces in the insulation, and compare it to the photos.

In the above photo, we can see raccoon footprints, and chewing on a wire.

PDF Clues from a Night Critter

There are many clues in the attic that will help identify the animal, if you can't see it directly. Second clue is the entry hole. Examine the outside of the house, especially around the eves, vents and roof, and you'll find the entry holes. If it's a large hole with damage, like a torn open roof or a busted eave, that's a raccoon!

If it's a hole maybe 2 inches in diameter with chewing around the perimeter, that's squirrel. If it's small gaps, perhaps with brown grease, that's rats or mice. Read more about inspecting the house for animal holes to determine the sort of wildlife entering the building. There might be other clues on your house or at the entry hole, such as footprints, hair, and so on. Third, the inspection in the attic is the real clincher.

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There you will find various evidence, most importantly, you can identify the feces. If you know how to identify these, you will know your culprit. This website has many photos of all the different animal feces. You can also look at the animal tracks left in the dust in the attic. Check on almost any surface not covered by insulation, and there should be a layer of dust with animal tracks. Or you can check for muddy footprints.

Raccoons are notorious for this. Rats and mice leave brown grease marks in areas of heavy travel too. The infographic to the left shows what various animal tracks look like. Though truth be told, it's probably rare that an amateur will find and identify tracks correctly. Finally, you can look at the animal damage such as chewing. If you see small chewmarks on wires, that's the work of a rodent.

SOUTH AFRICA: Night Critters & Small Cats With Kemp African Safaris

But a duct completely torn up is the work of a raccoon. Large amounts of plant debris in one spot is usually from squirrels. Click here for photos of animal damage in the attic to help you identify what critters you have up there. If you have experience like me, you will actually know right away by the odor in the attic! Each animal has a trademark scent. Of course, you can also watch your house outside, especially if you know the entry hole and time of activity, and catch the animal in the act.

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