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The gateman said he sold fewer than tickets.

The reason for that was because the wind was coming from the northeast and felt as if it had just come off Lake Michigan. Claude Hendrix, pitcher for the Blokes, decided for himself it was too cold to play baseball in Monroe, Louisiana, so he went fishing. The game was called in the seventh because of the cold. Certainly the players had seen little of the glary yellow orb over the previous two weeks.

There was bad pitching and horrible fielding on both sides. Fly balls were misjudged and dropped, ground balls were fumbled and kicked, and base runners were wild.

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Along with it all there was a chilly wind, and one shivered any time he got in the shade. Perhaps Claude Hendrix should have remained at his fishing camp, as his performance was no keeper. Another casualty of the spring training conditions was second baseman Harry Fritz, who had a fever and was unable to play. His symptoms were serious enough to require a visit from a doctor.

The third week of spring training started with forgettable performances on Sunday in both Shreveport and Monroe, but brighter days were in store. Monday March 23 was sunny but a bit chilly, with highs in the low 60s. Given the number of fielding errors committed by outfielders the previous day, Tinker called for practice drills centered on looking. The feature of the afternoon practice was a search for sun fielders.

Tinker had nearly all the outfielders out facing the sun, which was unusually bright, and then liners and high ones were hit to them.

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The players will pick a few out of the sun every day from now on and one of the two is likely to be the right fielder when the team plays on the Chicago grounds because right field is the sun field in the new park. The mood that evening was lighthearted as the veterans pulled a prank on rookie pitcher Harry Swann, tricking him into participating in a dog and badger fight.

On Thursday, March 26, the rains returned to Shreveport, along with the circus. During a circus parade through the town, the clown acts were not limited to the circus employees. The Chifeds were featured as special guests of the parade, with Umpire Bill Brennan acting as barker, shouting announcements to the crowds as they lined the streets.

It must have been a memorable experience. The parade included. Swann was arrested for refereeing a dog and badger fight last night and hauled off in the patrol. Manager Tinker was billed as one of the attractions for the concert that followed the circus performance both afternoon and night, but because of the downpour of rain the manager backed out.

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Claude Hendrix entertained the guests at the hotel for a time by popping balloons with bent pins. Every balloon was popped before the peddler could escape. Claude had so much fun out of it that he paid the man for the whole stock. After the festivities in town were over, the team headed back to the fairgrounds for more workouts. Unfortunately, it rained even harder as the day progressed and the only option was more indoor baseball. To make things worse, the injuries continued. The Federals were not the only Chicago team bearing the heavy costs of unfavorable weather.

Rain greeted the Cubs at Louisville, making practice in the open impossible. Since leaving Tampa the Cubs have not found good weather, and there is fear in camp that the team will be forced to start the season out of condition. The annual spring trip of exhibition games through a part of the country that is not warm is responsible.

In an effort to pick up some coin and pay expenses of the trip, the ownership flirts with the danger of getting the men out of shape. In April, the rain followed the Cubs from Kentucky to Indiana. Instead of hiking his men north through the arctic zone just before the season opens, [Tinker] is taking them through the south, and will give them a final pointing for the initial dash.

Good health is prevalent among the athletes, and they should remain at top form with the help of warm weather. While the Cubs and Federals were faced with unfavorable weather, the White Sox managed to get through nearly the entire spring training season before canceling a game due to weather. In its place, an intra-squad scrimmage between the Regulars and Blokes was slated for Saturday.

Shreveport is having a rainy season and the ballplayers will be lucky if they get on the diamond by Tuesday. Everything was soaked and floating this morning, because the rain had been coming down all night. The clay around the edge of the diamond here is as sticky as mucilage, and one dares not tread upon it until the sun has had a couple of days at it.

Despite the inclement conditions, there was optimism. Exhibition games were being booked along the route back home to Chicago. With another week of good warm weather, which is quite likely, the Feds will return north for the opening of the season in excellent condition.

In fact, they are ready to go at top speed right now.

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The final week of spring training in Shreveport was like the first week: a mix of sunshine, rain, and turmoil. On Sunday, March 29, in Marshall, Texas, the Blokes played in dry conditions before 1, fans, 65 defeating the Marshall Independents 10—1. The sun was also shining back in Shreveport, leading to lamentations that if only the game between the Sloufeds and Regulars had been scheduled for Sunday, they would have been able to play and likely drawn a sizeable crowd.

It was hot and sunny for a change so Tinker took advantage of the conditions and for the first time in days conducted infield practice. While juggling these issues, Charlie Weeghman was also trying to manage his nonbaseball enterprises, construct his new ballpark, and keep his family happy and gainfully employed.

With all that money at stake, the series promises to be the hottest thing that has taken place here since the training began. Jimmy Block, the Milwaukee inkeeper [sic], will manage the Blokes, and he has promised to set all his players up with a shrimp supper if they get the money. Tinker will handle the regulars and it will be cigars for all if they cop. The townsmen are interested in the affair, just as the fans of New York get wrought up over the world series [sic] every fall, and the betting promises to be brisk. A quarter admission is to be charged spectators, and out of this money the winners are to get their bit.

That morning it was hot and sunny and they held a practice game.

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Unfortunately, that afternoon, the rains returned and play was suspended. While the men were preparing for their one-dollar contest, it was announced that several exhibition games were being planned at stops along the way back home to Chicago. One game was slated for New Orleans on either April 8 or 9, with two contests in Knoxville, Tennessee set for April 10 and The plans were scrapped. Nearly three inches of rain fell on Shreveport on Tuesday, March Thunder and lightning accompanied the downpours and streets were flooded.

At least seventeen separate and distinct showers hit the town during the day and made rivers of the streets.

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It simply poured. Another storm of sorts was brewing in Shreveport that day. The hot and sunny weather was a welcome respite and if the rain stayed away, the series would end on Thursday. But the previous rains had left the field in miserable condition. Catcher Block committed an error as he attempted to catch a foul ball, winding up mired in a mud hole. Each Regular received his one-dollar bonus, to be spent in Shreveport before the team departed for New Orleans on Friday. Thursday was a rare good weather day and practice was held in the afternoon.

It was terribly sunny and hot both days and many of the boys are sorry the stay here is to end. March saw above-average precipitation and below-normal temperatures for most of Louisiana. Thunderstorms occurred during five of the 12 days and 3. Temperatures fluctuated wildly; it was either very hot or unseasonably cold. The daytime highs ranged from the low 80s to the 40s. Killing frosts were reported on March 22 and 23, whereas the average late frost date for the area was March If only the Weather Channel had been invented 68 years earlier, Weeghman might have actually made some money!

To erode the bottom line further, as many as 2, of those customers attended games between the Chicago and St.

An Ice Cold Paradise

Tinker and his men boarded the train for New Orleans, but the poor weather and economic conditions followed them through Louisiana and into Gulfport, Mississippi. The two practice games planned for Gulfport were both cancelled due to rain and chilly temperatures. The athletes went to the grounds, put on their suits, and indulged in a brief but vigorous workout, but Manager Tinker was afraid to take the chance of playing a game lest his men stiffen up by staying out too long.

About spectators gathered, in spite of the chilly blasts.

The southerners among them came out without overcoats, because down here they hate to admit that it ever gets cold. The poor weather conditions during spring training were a harbinger of things to come for the Chicago Federals and, in fact, the young Federal League itself. The one-time millionaire saw his fortunes evaporate through his years in baseball as president of the Chicago Federals —15 and later the Cubs — In baseball, he was accused of spending too freely on talent, on frippery, and on celebrations.

His lunch-counter businesses suffered during World War I and the Influenza outbreak of When he died in , his millions were long gone; his last occupation was as a greeter at a New Jersey supper club. It all seems to have begun to fall apart during spring training The list given here covers every Ace book that was not a double, published between and or later , for all genres. It gives a date of publication; in all cases this refers to the date of publication by Ace, and not the date of original publication of the novels.

For more information about the history of these titles, see Ace Books , which includes a discussion of the serial numbering conventions used and an explanation of the letter-code system. This list covers the non-double novels, for both the letter-series and numeric-series books. For the Ace Double volumes, see Ace Doubles. Ace Books published its N series from to , priced at 95 cents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.