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You HAVE to fail if you ever want to grow. You HAVE to get rejected if you ever want to develop.


It seems more like the human is meant to overcome challenges. Incremental progress is where the magic is at. Huge changes are made by adding up a bunch of tiny changes. Make wiser choices every day and suddenly your life is much more put together than it was before.

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No one admires a weakling… which means that we all see value in being brave and picking ourselves up even when we have been beaten down often times unfairly. There is something noble about the person who remembers that it is his job to believe in himself and strive for greatness despite the pressures of the world working against him.

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People come to me with their life problems and the unraveling usually plays out in a smilier way despite the uniqueness of the individuals. When they come they are first confused about how their life got to such a terrible place. We tend to be quite blind to our role in the problems that develop in our lives. Life definitely has a random element, but everything in life is not random and if you are willing to take responsibility for your life then you are rewarded with experiences that otherwise would have stayed hidden from your awareness.

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  8. You have to open yourself up and allow your potential to manifest itself. I think that if you want to truly heal your heart, you have to commit to the work. Unfortunately no one else is going to fix you. No one else is going to heal your broken heart.

    Broken Hearts Quotes (47 quotes)

    You can have help along the way, but ultimately this is your creative project. You get to make this life into what you want. You get to experience true love and partnership. You have god knows how many gifts of magic within you if you can take the time to reveal these things to yourself. Then after you do this, I promise you that someone else who has found their own magic will cross paths with you and you will be seen and appreciated for everything that you are…because you will finally know your uniqueness and your value in the world.

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    This is your work to do. You are the greatest creative project that you will ever have a hand in. Embrace your rejection. Invite failure in. Learn to be tough. In conclusion… I think that if you want to truly heal your heart, you have to commit to the work. I help people with relationship problems.

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    8. The Thrive Global Community welcomes voices from many spheres. Learn more or join us as a community member! Cancer Family's heartbreak as one of two sisters who battled cancer together dies aged Grieving Devoted dad 'dies with a broken heart' after deaths of loving wife and son. Parenting Brit mum tricked by ex into taking son to Kenya - and he's still there 3 years later Charlotte Morris, 24, is in a custody battle with ex-husand Shiv Singh Benawra and her son has now been in Africa for three years.

      So I travelled. On my own for the first time. Parasailing for the first time in Phuket. Jetskiing with abandonment.

      'Broken' heart breakthrough: Researchers reprogram cells to better battle heart failure

      Backpacking in London. Eating and watching plays by myself. I defeated my feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness, and really came out braver. Later, I travelled via 30 books I slowly collected, devoured and savoured. I followed my favourite characters to different worlds and learnt to fall in love again.

      Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart (Official Video)

      I laughed with them and cried when I reached the last page. I experienced losses and victories with them.

      Be Yourself

      It was a safe place to begin healing, and healing did begin. Succumb to the suffering. Just when I started to believe that actual healing was possible and even surprised myself with genuine, heartfelt laughter because I actually found something funny again… I encountered those peculiar somethings that brought me right back to the core of my pain. And before I knew it, I was suffocating in choking sobs and wondering why I even thought the pain could ever be over. So I went with it. Cried it out.

      The Neuroscience of a Broken Heart

      It was easy. And you know what, the tears did stop. Embrace the lies. Um, no. So I learnt not to wait for that one miraculous day when those words would become true. It was a lot more liberating not to have foolish hope. Channel your energy elsewhere.