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Translation in Spanish. Clock strikes twelve and moon drops burst. El reloj marca las 12 y las gotas de la luna explotan.

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Out at you from their hiding place. Like acid and oil on a madman's face.

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His reason tends to fly away. Sus razones tienden a volar. Like lesser birds on the four winds. Like silver scrapes in May. And now the sand's become a crust.

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  5. Most of you have gone away, you have gone away. Oh, come Susie, dear, let's take a walk.

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    Oh, vamos querida Susie, vamos a caminar. Just out there upon the beach. I know you'll soon be married. And you'll want to know where winds come from.

    Well it's never said at all. Bueno, nunca se ha dicho.

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    On the map that Carrie reads. Behind the clock back there you know. At the Four Winds Bar. Hey, hey, Hey, hey. Four winds at the Four Winds Bar.

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    Cuatro vientos en la barra de los cuatro vientos. Two doors locked and windows barred. Dos puertas cerradas y las ventanas bloqueadas.

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    One door to let to take you in. Una puerta es para dejarte entrar. The other one just mirrors it. Uh, hellish glare and inference. Uh, el brillo infernal y la inferencia. The other one's a duplicate.

    Barra Querida (Spanish Edition)

    The queenly flux, eternal light. El majestuoso flujo, la luz eterna. The original lyrics have been published as follows: [3] In other publications the first block of verse is repeated again at the end. Ya me voy y me resigno Contra el destino nadie la talla Es Dios el juez supremo. No hay quien se le resista. They spoke with Peron and the President on March 25, , who said that no such directive existed, which left them effectless. In October , the Broadcasting Act No.

    This led to SADAIC complaint in January to eradicate certain items by Radio El Mundo ; Despite the complaint, in the institution itself and the authors had agreed with the authorities on a list of popular songs that should not be passed as idiomatic radio for reasons of taste and decency; in short, SADAIC did not question censorship but had exercised it. As of April [update] a tango database lists distinct recordings of the tango. Hugo del Carril recorded it in accompanied by guitars. Francisco Lomuto recorded it for Victor in with singer Jorge Omar. On television, the tango was sung in by Desi Arnaz with the lyrics of Dorcas Cochran in episode 31 of I Love Lucy , in by Lucille Ball in episode of the same series and in the miniseries Alys Robi episode 1.

    Louis Armstrong made his own version of the tango with the title I Get Ideas recorded on July 24, , featuring Dorcas Cochran as the author of the lyrics.

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    In Great Britain two versions exist titled I'll always keep you in my heart and Paul the dreamer'.